about me

Hello there! My name is Bryce (and online, often xsova) and this is my digital garden where I store notes, useful links, projects, and other random things. I'm mostly using this as a mechanism for thinking out loud, but maybe someone else somewhere will get some kind of value from this.

I am a student, musician, and programmer, and I enjoy experimenting with new technologies and learning new things. At my day job I am a QA Engineer, and I am also a student at Southern New Hampshire University studying computer science. To see what I'm up to, check out my /now page.

about the site

This site is built with pure HTML and CSS and, and is hosted on Neocities. The source code will soon be available on git.xsova.dev/site. To learn more about the design of this site, visit the /meta page.

I learned how to make static sites from Paloma Kop's course through their online classes at Polyphase Portal. Of the people involved in the Town, I'm sure this will come as no surprise, but I have gotten a lot of inspiration from the Merveilles webring (you should check them out, you'll certainly learn something new).


The icon for this site is a modified version of the music notation symbol: Dal Segno. It is a symbol used in music notation to indicate a movement to (da capo) or from (al) the sign onward to either the end (fine) or to another sign (coda). The symbol is an 's' with a line through it and two dots on either side opposite the line's angle; and the line is modified to be a stylized "x" to represent my online handle, xsova.

xsova logo

It was created for me a long time ago by Faun and I have been using it as my icon / avi ever since.

All the other icons for the site (see the footer) are made with 100 Rabbits' small vector drawing software, Dotgrid.


You can reach me at bryce at xsova dot dev. I am also on Mastodon.